We optimize import procedures

We bring your products in a cost-efficient way so you can continue to dedicate time to your business.

With the quality you need
With lower cost
In a shorter period of time


We act as your own purchasing department to manage import processes in less time, reducing costs and through the best suppliers in the market.do.
Product Search
We carry out product search and evaluation of suppliers.
Price Negotiation
We negotiate the best price with the manufacturer to obtain more profitability to your business.
We take care of sending samples, monitoring production and quality control of the products.
We take care of finding the necessary transportation and insurance. We take care of the documentation and obtaining certificates to carry out the import process.
We carry out pre-shipment inspections, customs procedures and track the merchandise until delivery
We take care of the necessary communications with the manufacturers and the after-sales service.

Our team of specialists takes charge of your company’s purchases

We import the products you need


We are experts in Habitat. We import furniture for hotels, restaurants, and  other contract sectors.


Our network of suppliers allows us to obtain the best price in lighting products to equip your hotel, restaurant, office or shop.


Amenities for hotels and welcome products such as gels, soaps, shaving and dental kits, textile accessories and all kinds of accessories.

Appliance and technology

Hotel Safes, minibars, dryers, coffee makers, kettles, televisions, etc.

Food products

Pork, beef, lamb, chicken meat; fish and seafood; cereals; oils; wines, etc.


Textile, household goods, wall decor, mirrors, utensils, candles and fragrances, storage items, bathroom products, etc.

Tools and equipments

We supply your company with tools, equipments and all kinds of industrial goods that allow  you to continue to save costs.

Raw materials

We import and export raw materials for the construction, agricultural or industrial sectors

Toys and gift items

We import all kinds of toys and gifts for your catalogues to have the latest products in the market.

Save time and money

To buy cheap is not enough nowadays.  We help you to buy better, safer and in the shortest posible time.